the facts about staging

Research shows that well Staged® homes sell faster. Most homeowners are too familiar with their surroundings to objectively see their homes “through the eyes of a buyer”. Seller Solutions' broker in charge, Liz Wiederhold, is an Nationally Accredited Staging® Professional and provides expert guidance for homeowners who want to prepare their homes for quick sale.

Below are some "before" and "after" photos of professionally staged houses.


Saved $18,700

I'm an investor and I worked with Liz on my last house in the Cotswolds. She was very insightful in assisting me with the listing price and tips to make it sell quick. -

Mike E.

Bathroom Before After
By simply adding new hand towels, a colorful rug and shower curtain, and hanging a picture; the bath of this vacant home is transformed from boring to beautiful!

Bedroom Before After
By decluttering, moving the bed to the opposite side of the room, and removing excess furniture, this boy's room gets a new, freshly Staged® look.

Dining room Before After
A simple table, chair and place setting create an effective look at minimal cost.

Entry way Before After
By cutting back the overgrowth and adding proper lighting, this is a very attractive view with lots of Curb Appeal.

Back yard pond Before After
This yard's greatest asset was hidden. By clearing out the old shed, removing the concrete pavers, and simply cleaning up this pond, this beautiful feature reveals thousands in equity!

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